Mine Ready Solutions

TecWise's in-depth knowledge of open pit mining, broad range of past project cases, project challenges overcome in many different markets & environments across the world throughout the whole lifecycle of mining projects allows us to uniquely deliver cost-effective, relevant, as well as technologically advanced & robust solutions in a safe manner.

A global mining client, as well as a regional mining client's corporate technology ambitions and standards are always hard to take from the drawing board through to an implemented and continuously managed solution spanning multiple mining assets.

TecWise enables the rapid deployment of technology and communications services across markets and countries based on our in-house expertise and experience as well as our global technology partners.

TecWise believes that Mining Communication done right, which includes people-2-people and machine-2-machine communication, should yield clear and measurable improvements within:
    •    Safety
    •    Productivity
    •    Reliability
    •    CAPEX and
    •    OPEX


Being a                   Value Partner

TecWise's ambition is to achieve the status of Value Partner to our global and regional mining clients by tailoring, deploying and managing reliable solutions for voice and data, which will increase overall site efficiencies within areas such as production mining and beneficiation as well as always within the area of safety.


Mission critical applications

TecWise also designs, implements and manages machine-monitoring solutions, machine-2-machine solutions allowing our clients to partner on even the most production critical applications.


Safe operative outcomes

Our approach for both Communications Enabling and Technology Deployment is truly objective and value focused. We aim solely at a safe operative outcome, rather than preferred pre-existing notions and technology alternatives in both Licensed and Unlicensed radio spectrum project locations.